A national program inspired by the American Association of University Women, Sister-to-Sister works to develop strategies that support young women.

Our Sister-to-Sister chapter brings together middle school girls from Bristol, Middlebury, and Vergennes with Middlebury College student mentors. With the help of “campus supervisors,” mentors develop experiences that encourage girls to try new things outside of the classroom and to gain new perspective on relevant issues. Sister-to-Sister kicks off each year with a day-long “Sister Summit” and follows with monthly events. Past activities have included art, music, dance, sign language, and yoga but we are always open to new ideas! With these activities, Sister-to-Sister also focuses on discussions topics like body image, women in history, relationships, popularity, self-defense, identity and the internet, and self confidence, which we believe is relevant and important to women of all ages.

While specific activities vary, and members grow in size every year, the foundation of our program continues to be about building trusting and supportive relationships. These experiences, both formal and informal, address not only the challenges that young women have to face, but also encourage the discovery and celebration of strengths, interests and achievements. Sister-to-Sister is an opportunity for middle school girls to talk about self-esteem, their own identity, body image, peer pressure, and future aspirations openly and free of judgement with Middlebury College mentors.


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